Shut down Nazi Blood and Honour gig – 28 May, Dover

This Saturday, 28 May, the sieg-hieling South East Alliance (SEA) will once again descend upon the streets of Dover demanding refugees go home and the borders should shut. It’s the third time this year.

But this time the South East Alliance‘s message – and their intentions – are far more sinister than before. Paul Prodromou (Pitt) – the self-styled leader of SEA is hosting a Nazi Blood and Honour event under the pretence of a ‘Rock Against Immigration’ gig.

All four bands on the bill for Dover are White Power bands; Redneck 28, Section 88, Gentleman Thugs and March or Die – all dedicated to fighting for a world where people of colour, LGBTQ+ people, Jews, Muslims and other minorities would cease to exist. They embrace the ideals of National Socialism like those of their hero Hitler.

This event is no ordinary piss-up with a few anti EU bands. This is a both a recruitment tool and a tentative foray for Blood and Honour to begin rebuilding their base. If they manage to pull this off, we’ll be faced with a more fanatical cadre of street fighting Nazis in the future.

If we want fewer Nazis in Dover on the 28 May, then we have to ensure that the gig doesn’t go ahead. Make no mistake, the fifty or so Nazis who have been arrested with bail conditions not to enter Dover, will be able to make their way in with no problem. We cannot rely on the state to arrest them or close down the gig should they find out where it is. That means we have to use any means necessary to stop it.

But Kent Anti Racism Network is a small, local organisation, only formed in October 2015. If local Nazis organised an event we’d be able to counter it.  But the gig is a national event hosted on Blood and Honour’s website and elsewhere. The Nazi bands and their Nazi fans will be travelling from across the UK to attend. We have to make sure we have enough people on our side to stop them.

So, when we’re told there will be no mobilisation by a London based organisation, it’s not good enough. Dover is in London’s backyard. What does it take for people to realise Dover has become one of the major focal points for the Nazis – whose raison d’etre is ‘defending the White Cliffs from the invaders?’

So, if you want to keep the Nazis from growing, if you want to make sure Blood and Honour do not get a foothold in the UK, join us on Saturday.


Assemble from 11am

Market Square, Dover, CT16 1NB

Facebook event here


Kent Anti-Racism Network






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