We demand the resignation of Kent County Councillor Paul Messenger

Islamophobia is alive and kicking in the Conservative party in Thanet. Kent County Councillor Paul Messenger has made a string of racist posts on his facebook profile. Cllr. Messenger thinks he can get away with it. We’re not going to let him.
Among other things, Messenger has claimed that Muslim communities want to turn the UK into an Islamic state. He seems to believe that Britain is sponsoring “through child benefit and other welfare handouts large Muslim families”.
Baroness Warsi, who was the UK’s first female Muslim cabinet minister, has said her party had “turned a blind eye” to prejudice and become “institutionally Islamophobic”. We believe this is true. Every day, an elected representative of the Tory party is exposed as an Islamophobe and racist.
Warsi told the BBC: “We have a deep-rooted problem of anti-Muslim comments, Islamophobic comments, racist comments that are being made right from the top – from MPs through to councillors, council candidates, members, linked groups.”
Yesterday, we witnessed the horror to which far-right ideology leads. The flames of the atrocities in Christchurch have been fanned around the world. One of the terrorists inscribed a weapon with “Rotherham”, a reference to the Islamophobia whipped up there by Tommy Robinson. Messenger has shared Robinson’s material.
Many of you will wonder why these allegations about Cllr Messenger are being raised now. The reason is that complaints have been made in the past and ignored. We hope that this matter will finally be acted upon, given the recent atrocities and increasing awareness in the press about Islamophobia and the ‘Hostile Environment’ within the Tory party.
If you’re in a group that works with Messenger – kick him out! If your venue is thinking of booking him, then think again. If you’re friends with him, then it’s time to reconsider your friendship. Let’s ensure he knows his racist views will not be tolerated.
Please write to the South and North Thanet Conservative Associations, the Chairman of the Conservative party, Branden Lewis, Paul Carter, KCC leader and Baroness Warsi to demand Paul Messenger’s resignation.
Contact North Thanet Conservatives via their website: https://www.norththanetconservatives.org.uk/contact
Baroness Warsi: warsi@parliament.uk
Branden Lewis: brandon.lewis.mp@parliament.uk